Friday, October 18, 2019

Synthesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Synthesis - Essay Example Sean needs to engage students in the topics by reducing the verbal instructions and communicating his instructions or lecture through visual aid. Hence, he should inter-mix verbal instructions with captivating visuals to help him gauge their attention. This would give Sean a clear understanding of student’s knowledge regarding clay sculpting and what Sean needs to explain more. Students should start their own clay sculpture, but after fifteen minutes, students would be rotated and they would finish each other’s sculpture. This kinesthetic movement would make his expectations clear, and would also be a fun activity for students to finish their friend’s work. He should also make a rule for students that if they break something, they would have to pay for it. Sara needs to first use the Socratic method of learning, ask students for information and then fill the gaps with her expertise. Sara is dealing with students who are passionate about football, but there are also girls in her class she needs to consider too. Sara needs to observe class behaviour, as well as community behaviour. In order to understand better her class and community, she should use visual aids, like pictures of legendary football players, monuments and places that the community thrives on. This would make her feel close to the class and the community, and would also make her more engaged with the students (Horwitz, 2010). Sara should hand out different tests to students, to further assess their knowledge; the tests for boys could be designed in a way that it includes questions relating to football. Similarly, she should use the girl preferred topics for the introduction of new concepts in her math lesson for girls, which interests them most. Megan would have a clear picture of her student’s language capabilities, once she converse with them for some time. She should spend at least one week assessing their language capabilities by engaging them in

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