Monday, October 14, 2019

Is Money Evil Essay Example for Free

Is Money Evil Essay Most people have heard of the phrase â€Å"Money is the root of all evil†. Often people will think this phrase is not true. In this society, everybody needs money to survive. Money rules over everything. Without it, you cannot purchase anything at all. So how can money be the root of all evil when life would be miserable without money? With money, you can support your family members, help friends with income problems or even donating to the needy people and have a higher standard of living. So the more money you have, the more you make your world a better place to live. However, for every advantage, disadvantages will also apply. The same goes for money, when there are benefits but there will also be setbacks. So then starts the origin of the phrase â€Å"Money is the root of all evil†. People can get so obsessed with money so much so that their character changes. A father can resort to violence to his family members, causing disputes resulting in his family to be broken due to financial problems. Because of money obsession, friends often betray one another over small money issues. When a person is overwhelmed by money, he tends to be greedy and chooses to rather lose his dignity over money. In the world today, there are many increasingly reported cases of theft, robbery and even murder cases due to money disputes as well as reports of siblings fighting against each other for their father’s inheritance. There are also cases whereby people murdered their love ones to claim the insurance money and also cases of people being cheated and conned out of money. There are also cases of kidnapping as well, kidnappers will then blackmail the victim’s family. Because of the greediness in people, money became a temptation on why people get addicted into gambling. Buying lottery, betting on horse racing and football matches, getting into the casino is all for the purpose of thinking to make lots of money in just a matter of time. In the hope of making big money, gamble addicts put all their money on stake. Most of them ended up losing all their savings and therefore they went to borrow more money from creditors to continue their habit of gambling. Instead of winning back their savings, they will probably lose all their money they had borrowed and ended up in more debts. Some were even pushed to the edge and committed suicide. Money is so tempting that people are willing to do anything for it. Some women are even willing to go into prostitution just to earn money for materialistic goods. Corrupted officials took bribes, using money in exchange for unfair advantages. People as young as in their teens would steal goods and trade them for money. Just think of how people are willing to risk their lives and ruin their future for the sake of having more money in their hands. The influence of money is so great that it affects everybody, even children as young as ten years old. There are reports in schools whereby school bullies exhorted money from their school mates, threatening to hurt them if they do not comply. Cases of theft within the family are also largely increasing due to the influence of money. Teenagers stole money from their parents to purchase materialistic items to suit their own needs. Money is so important to people that they can even neglect their own families. A father had to work hard outside to earn more money and seldom have the time to spend with his wife and children. Eventually, his wife and children would only see him as someone who provides money and hence there would not be any strong bonding between them. Money revolves around the world. The phrase â€Å"money is the root of all evil† meant that money issues is the main cause of the many problems faced in life. If you let the money take control of you, you would be obsessed with it and think that your money is never enough. It influences people generations by generations and can cause one to lose his conscience and humanity. Money is the one that manifests the evil in people hearts. So therefore shows why money is the root of all evil.

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