Monday, October 7, 2019

How do Power and Policitcs in an Organization as well as Communication Essay

How do Power and Policitcs in an Organization as well as Communication involve Leadership and Organizational Processes - Essay Example Therefore, in the context of an organization, power and politics are very closely linked. Power is a leaders' ability to influence other people' activities and behavior whereas politics lies in exercising power and influence in the organization towards the fulfillment of a person's individual goals rather than organizational. The "power influence approach" by Yukl (1989) states that the efficiency of the leadership process in an organization depends on the extent and level of power that is occupied by the leader. It lies in the person's ability to gain, maintain and enhance the extent and level of power they possess. Therefore, both the factors; power and politics determine the efficiency of leadership process in the accomplishment of goals and objectives in an organization. The power and political factors are involved in the leadership and organizational process in the manner that the goals and objectives of an organization are achieved by the collaboration of leaders and group members where leaders play the role of controllers and directors whereas the group members act as followers and participants towards the accomplishment of these goals.

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