Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Bread of the World

Our nation’s dedication in eradicating poverty has indeed created a great impact in the country’s image. The humanitarian programs of the government has effectively help millions of families survive the test of poverty. In addition, the foreign assistance has help alleviate the economy of the other countries drowned in poverty. But, at present, poverty is still prevalent in the poor continents like Africa. Inadequacy of food has killed thousands of lives of young Africans. Due to the continuous poverty, the hope for development may never be realized in some poor countries.This also proves that the foreign aid being afforded by the country is not enough. Hence, this letter asks your good office to initiate a change of the country’s foreign aid programs and policies. Time for action should be instigated now. By your help, please coordinate with your fellow solons to include poverty among the priorities of the country. By enhancing our programs in alleviating povert y, millions of lives would be saved and changed. The period for fighting poverty should be now and be continued until a shadow of it will be eradicated.At the same time, the economic status of the country would eventually be build and the confidence of the people in their government would be strengthened. Let the Congress start renewing foreign aid programs and save many children from death caused by hunger. Sincerely, (Your Name) (Address) Reference Bread for the World & Bread for the World Institute. (2008). Bread for the World: Have Faith End Hunger. Retrieved March 20, 2009, from http://www. bread. org/page. jsp? itemID=28131907

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