Sunday, November 10, 2019

Why the Military Should Not Be Deployed on U.S.

There is also a high risk hat the troops themselves can get infected and a high possibility of the disease spreading even more. Lastly there is just not enough funding to send troops out onto our own soil. According to the Tim Make from the deathliest. Com American Soldiers preparing for deployment to West Africa are given just four hours of Bola- related training before leaving to combat the epidemic. Four hours of training is simply not enough time to learn about and understand the disease itself. A team of two can train as many as 50 personnel over that four-hour time frame, SEMIARID told The Daily Beast.If a single school teacher can barley each a class about a subject in math over a time period of a couple weeks how do we expect a team of two to fully teach and help a group of 50 troops to grasp the full concept of the risks of Bola and in that matter any other contagious disease. On The Common Sense Show, Dave Doges explains how President Beam's misguided decision to send 3,00 troops to Liberia to combat Bola virus may have put them all at risk for contracting the deadly disease. If the military were to assist with a pandemic outbreak here on CA. S soil, troops and their families would be at risk at contracting the disease.By doing this the military is no longer solving the problem they are just adding to the problem making the total number of infected people greater. In 191 8 the Spanish flu killed an estimated number of 675,000 Americans and about 20 million worldwide. According to the U. S Department of Health, the reason the death toll was so high in America was because of how many American troops contracted the disease while trying to combat it. Because history repeats itself, we should nit send out U. S troops to assist with an outbreak. Sending troops out would be very costly and would put us in more debt.Just sending out 3,00 troops to West Africa would cost the U. S over 750 million dollars, this is according to the Washington Post. The U. S is a lready 18 trillion dollars in debt and by sending troops out this would put us even further in the whole, something we will never be able to come out from. Money for the military is already being with held and spending money to combat something that will always exist is worthless. By spending money to deploy troops, we are taking away the possibility of buying new and up to date equipment needed to protect against both domestic and foreign invasions.U. S troops should not be given the responsibility of dealing with disease. They are not doctors, nor are they scientists and even with proper training and equipment there will always be a possibility of contracting the disease, which means further contamination of the American population. The military's purpose is to solve domestic and foreign issues that can potentially cause a threat to U. S citizens, not to combat disease. If we deploy troops onto our own soil then troops would be putting Americans lives in danger, which is a contrad iction to their soul purpose.

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