Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Public Health and Health Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Public Health and Health Policy - Essay Example Lack of shelter is regarded as homelessness state. Vostanis, Grattan & Cumella (1998) highlight that many times, homelessness is interchangeably used with the term rooflessness. It is an example of social exclusion that can be incorporated in the equalities in terms of health agendas. Individuals without shelter are often termed as homeless. Baggott (2011) explains that homelessness is not an entity but multiple entities that encompass housing needs. It entails the need for individuals to have short term or temporary accommodation. Sometimes living on the short term or temporary accommodation presents the uncertainty of the future. Wilson & Mabhala (2009) elaborate further by highlighting that the temporary accommodation includes the rough sleepers; individuals sleeping at their friends’ or relatives’ houses; and homeless shelters. Some of them live in accommodations that are supported such as temporary accommodation (bread and breakfast) or in the hostels. It is elaborated in Homeless Link (2010) that that homeless individuals who seek accommodation from friends or relatives are sometimes compelled to either stay on the relatives’ sofas or squat. Moreover, individuals who are driven out of their homes due to factors such as disasters or violence are also faceted as homeless. This is inclusive of the immigrants. Despite the fact that they are the widely known group as illuminated by Baggott, Allsop & Jones (2005), the majority of culprits are of homelessness state are single individuals who live in either insecure or temporary (short term) accommodation. Carr, Unwin & Pless-Mulloli (2007) illuminate that homeless is not a homogeneous group and individuals faceted to be homeless are in most cases families that are young and headed by females who are lonely. They tend to experience general health problems, as well as mental health. However, Douglas (2010).reveals that those who are not officially homeless are

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