Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Essay --

To Russians the word food means very much, their whole world revolves around food. Russians always eat three times a day and each one of those meals is huge. They start off their day with breakfast, which mostly consists of kasha – (a type of porridge made from different grains) sometimes they could make a buterbrod which is a type of sandwich that consists of one slice of bread and one topping they could also make some eggs or just have a cup of coffee with cheese. To Russians the more important meals are lunch and dinner. For lunch Russians eat a lot which mean that they will usually have hot soup as the first course and then potatoes or pasta with salad as the second, which then leads to third course, which is usually something sweet. Dinner is another important meal of the day because that is when the whole family sits together to eat discuss their day and watch some TV at the same time. A typical Russian dinner consists of a table full of food. For dinner everything usu ally is taken out of the fridge what Russians snack on before the main dish is ready. There will always be a salad and snacks like salami slices, cabbage, vegetables, bread etc. Main dish is usually meat with potatoes or fish. In Russia, there is never any meal without bread on the table. There are special feelings that Russians have towards rye bread Russians call it "black" bread because of its dark color. "Black" bread is considered a traditional food in Russian homes. When it comes to drinks even though Russia is mostly known for vodka, Russian traditional drink is Kvass - a fermented beverage made from rye bread. Kvass has very low alcohol content in it which hardly reaches to 1% and therefore it is enjoyed by everybody even kids. This bubbly dink is ... ...ue by the ingredients that are used to make food. But also because of the way the make their food the old famous Russian stove. The stove was used to make food in and heat up houses. Russians used to sleep on the stoves as well because it was always so warm and that was the only heat that was provided to them. The food prepared in stoves was so delicious because of the way it was made, heated from all sides inside the stove. Even though there are still house with stoves unfortunately Russian stoves are not being used anymore even in the villages. Electric stoves and microwave ovens have replaced them today but the food still remains delicious. Russians have always been very passionate about food, at the family gatherings especially, the amount of plates of food could reach up to 150 different appetizers. Nobody ever leaves a Russian house hungry or unsatisfied.

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