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WILL THE NEW ARCHITECTURAL ICONS CARRY THE SAME INTRINSIC ROLE IN DEFINING CITIES - Essay Example 11-12, 2007) Moreover, since antiquity until present, humans have advanced significantly in every sector, and so, humans have achieved pinnacle by the advancement in architectural designs, which can be noted by observing existing modern architectural icons, as well as, designs and plans of future architectural icons that are being built in different parts of the globe. It is observed that technology has become an important tool of humans, which is being used intellectually and imaginatively by ingenious and inspiring architects around the globe. As time is passing by, more and more improvement is being made in technological sector, as well as, in the architectural sector. On the other hand, environmental resources are reducing rapidly due to excessive utilization of humans for their personal purposes. (Ford, pp. 34-37, 2004) In this regard, it is a debatable topic whether new architectural icons will be able to carry the same intrinsic and natural role that was carried by historical architecture in the absence of technological tools and tactics. Studies have indicated that a number of factors are affecting the architectural discourse, such as technology, economy, and especially, culture. All these factors are shaping the contemporary modes and designs of architectural outcomes, and this paper will discuss whether new architectural icons that will be outcome of these factors will be able to acquire an intrinsic value, or natural relation will eliminate in few years. Experts have indicated that culture plays a significant role in the creation of any architectural icon, as it facilitates the specific place in expressing its cultural identity to other parts of the globe. In this regard, it is very essential for an architect to relate with the historical architectural icons, in order to continue the relation according to some experts. On the other hand, some other experts argue that it is not essential to relate with historical architectural icons, and a new

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