Thursday, August 29, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 153

Summary - Essay Example It is noted that by going to the public too frequently causes people to pay less attention to the president. Different assumptions were reviewed as the president was not to go to the public unless the public supported his view otherwise the Congress would vote against him. Also the president had to gain influence on the policy issues he had chosen to promote the public appeals. The president’s likelihood to appeal to the public over issues that would increase if the A president’s public opinion apparatus was designed to provide the administration with a comprehensive view of the public’s preferences. Who as a voracious consumer of the public opinion, President Johnson had sought to assess the state of it from a various sources, including both polls and mail addressed to him by the ordinary citizens.   At white House two types of opinion provided different stories as to the direction the salience of the public sentiment regarding the Vietnam War. Difference in opinion between the public and the opinion polls and the mail opinion may have been given bby the Johnson administration as a good reason to think that they could lead a loyal opinion on Vietnam, which was more hawkish than those registered by the polls of the masses rallying for the war protesters. These findings helped them to resolve interpretations of President Johnson’s strangeness with the public opinion during the Vietnam War, since he was clearer as to give the kind of opinion the president was following. They clearly demonstrated the importance of including mail opinion in the studies of the public support toward the presidential policies, and the response of the administration to it. This were the most publicized and controversial battles that had occurred at Khesanh which happened both on the ground and air in January 20. There was a final which was known as the Tet Offensive which

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