Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Individual report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Individual report - Essay Example For team works to be successful, each member needs to contribute to the group’s cause and the individual differences and diversities of the participants can bring about various perspectives on the work assigned; therefore, students are better equipped to chose the best alternative derived out of their discussion. No doubt, our team’s group work of designing and implementing a job interview has convinced me how group dynamics is at work and the task has provided me with fresh insights regarding the concepts of group performance, individual performance and new skills development. The process of designing and implementing the job interview in groups was interesting and each one put his best efforts to prepare a flawless and competent pre interview check list. In the preparation of the pre-interview check list, the ideas of each member in the group were significant and special care was employed by the group to select competent panel members for the interview; the date, time and venue of the interview was fixed, the job specifications were studied in detail and a comprehensive questionnaire was prepared, and an environment where the interviewee is completely comfortable was carefully set. The next step was to identify the necessary skills and qualities that are required of each participant in the interview. It was really useful for me to listen to the ideas of others in the group and I noticed with astonishment how each one had his own unique ideas and outlooks. The most essential requirements were finalized by the group that included the candidates’ edu cational qualification (honours Degree), teaching experience, ability to supervise, subject competency, ability to be tolerant and open-minded, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, dedication, time management and aptitude towards team work. Keeping in mind the required skills of the desirable candidates, our group formulated questions by which responses from the candidates could be elicited

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